Wasatch Glassworks Nectar Collector

The world's first water cooled essential oil vaporizer straw!

Wasatch Glassworks Nectar Collector
A revolution in vaporization. From small sips to huge rips, the Nectar Collector does it all. Vaping, Simplified. No need for domes, dabbers, or nails. Just heat the tip, dip, and sip.
100% American made by Kristian Merwin and Wasatch Glassworks. Convenient, portable, and spill proof.
Removable, replaceable straw tips.

Kristian Merwin

is a glass sculptor with a background in engineering and business. He draws inspriration from a lifetime spent playing with gravity as a surfer, skier and rock climber. Kristian's signature pieces combine simple repeated organic shapes and colors to create fractal compositions that suggest a merging of nature and technology.

Wasatch Glassworks

is a team of skilled artists working closely together under the direction of founder Kristian Merwin.
The team produces functional glass art including jewlery pipes, architectural lighting and sculpture. By adhering to a holographic design either, the work coming from the sutdio has the distinct look and feel of Kristian's style and maintains the highest standards of quality.

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